☆ [drinking release] also deals ♪ all 9 dishes ★ [course 6500 yen with a 90-minute all-you-can-drink] in comicomi (than 8 people)

6500 yen

Is a price of the tax-inclusive service

  • 9items
  • 8persons

Course menu

■ hors d'oeuvres 5 dishes Assorted

■ A Chinese-style sea bream sashimi or sea bream fillets KuzuKake of

(Sashimi is reservation is needed)

■ shark's fin soup (free refills)

■ fry two dishes (along with the spring roll)

■ boiled chili sauce of large shrimp

■ seafood stir-fry

■ Kashunattsu and dishes of chicken

■ fried buckwheat

■ Today's dessert

Busy season ※ are subject to change.


[Enhance free options]

◇ sound and lighting equipment such as a microphone

◇ projector screen ◇ stage

◇ lottery box

◇ take your luggage in the cloak

◇ locker room (depending on the situation of the booking)

Please tell us as soon as possible because there is a limited number of ※.


2018/01/18 update